Monday, February 28, 2011

Update from the kitchen while my mom's making dinner...

Tonight, I believe, I'll be pulling my first all nighter...woohoo! (note the sarcasm, por favor).
To do:

  • Physics egg project: should I build a parachute or a suspension...I'm leaning towards the parachute because it's easier, but I need to make this egg stay alive...let's see how it goes. [note: due Wednesday...procrastination sucks.] >>update: 1 hour, 52 min later: I'M DONE w/ the parachute; now, I just have to test it with an actual egg :)
  • Calculus chapter 5 quiz on finding the derivatives of ln(x) and e's and all that good stuff...ugh. I have a 93 in the class right now...and I need to bring it up to an A+. [note again: I haven't started studying yet, except for constructing a few, terse notecards.]
  • SAT II PREP: I'm studying Chem tonight (did math level II yesterday)...oh...remember to order the History flashcards on Amazon. 
  • Print (and fill out) the volunteer application for the hospital. [note: these spots run out fast...I have to turn it in by tomorrow!)
That's pretty much it for tonight...
On the other hand...I GOT A JOB! WOO HOO! (I start Wednesday!)
On the other, other hand...RAIN, RAIN, RAIN SOME MORE...there's a 1 millionth chance there might be a flood warning...meaning no school...but I kinda sorta doubt it., my mom's yelling at me to eat dinner.



  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay you got a job!!
    that's great. congrats!

  2. Okay, busy lady make those moves...and congrats on the job!

  3. Oh good lord, reading this reminds me of all-nighters from high school...I wish you the best of luck! You can do it! :)

    Congrats on the new job!!

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