About Me :)

I'm AA:
Distressed, Determined Student
Future M.D.
Hopeless Romantic
Book Nerd
Roller coaster fanatic
but not necessarily in that order :)

The two major things that inspire me are my family and more importantly, my religion. I have this faith that 1) everything happens for a reason & 2) that hardship will always be followed by ease

Promise = hardest word to say. Yet...my title "do you promise?" is a stab at the outside world, even God that I've promised to do my best & give it all...but is there someone out there willing to do the same for me. 

This blog is created as an escape from the up and down roller coaster we're thrust into when put down into earth. There will be rants, aspirations, writing, worries...and just a little bit inside my life. 

Hope you enjoy what I have got to say :)

Do you - blog readers - promise to stick with me throughout the end?