Thursday, February 10, 2011

Letter #1

Thank you.
Thank you for the amazing mom and dad I have been given. Even when I'm down, they always make me feel better, and they always keep this array of hope and trust and belief. They are the ones who teach me the things I could never imagine.
Thank you for my friends, whom did not necessarily notice my bad mood, but made me feel better: taking, saving me a seat, laughing.
Thank you for the library for I've found this amazing book - "Making It Into A Top College" - which will hopefully, guide me correctly.
Thank you for my cute outfits, a roof above my head, a bed to sleep in. Thank you for blessing me with two hands and two feet.
Thank you for poetry especially EE Cumming's "anyone lived in a pretty how town".

But, I wish...
I wish for a higher SAT score - a 2300 - maybe even perfection.
I wish to get into the BA/MD program at Penn State University.
I wish to fulfill my parents expectations beliefs and once again, make them proud.

And I aspire...
To be studious.
To be caring; to not utter a bad phrase at all nor to gossip.
To be confident.
To be hopeful without any doubts.
To be dedicated in myself, my family, and You.

And I hope...
You listen to me, and You hear me, and You understand me.

And I know...
You do just that.

So I will...
Take the correct path; for this is one of the greatest tests in my life...and I think I can succeed.



  1. This is is really inspiring as well as pretty :) I love the pictures too!

  2. Such a beautiful post, I hope you get everything you aspire to! :)

  3. Great post. Just remember not to get too down on yourself if you don't achieve any of your goals. There is always a silver lining. New follower.