Monday, February 21, 2011

"I'm blacklisted aren't I"

I hate picking up the phone; I really do.
So, today when I picked it up, I was forced to listen to my uncle, telling me in a solemn, brooding voice, that he was blacklisted from our family; that he was not going to come see us anymore.
I kept quiet, telling him my mom was asleep and she couldn't talk to him, and just uh huhing and okaying to his rants and complains.
I remember...just years ago when he used to be one of my favorite uncles.
Hardworking, dedicated, educated, charismatic, funny, helpful, gracious.
He would buy me whatever I asked for.
He was the light of a party and a symbol of happiness.

But struggling with so many adversaries, my uncle came to a point where he would say stuff to my mom that hurt her badly.
She forgave him...I think.

And now, it's come to a point where he doesn't even consider me part of his family.
And it hurts.

I wish I could tell him that I wanted him to come see us...I wish I could ask him if he even remembered what I looked like.
But I didn't.

I just let him thinking that my mom (his once beloved younger sister, his best friend) and I (his niece) had shunned him from our family.

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  1. That's weird. I hope he comes to his senses and comes back to you soon. Some people's actions just can't be explained.