Friday, January 14, 2011

Meaningless post...Really...I think

This boy in my Calc class...well he's a perplexity, but the kind that's an open book to read; the kind that's odd yet truly decipherable. He's a list of paradoxes: funny yet serious; nonchalant yet hardworking; haughty yet self-inflicting. He smells like the beach and cusses like the wind. He has small, brown, piercing eyes. And he's just a gosh darn enigma
So, today, during Calc, the whole class ridicules him for forgetting his girlfriend's birthday (which he found out just two minutes ago). He gets up from his chair, starts hyperventilating, cusses down a list of repetitive (censored) words, and frantically begins texting. He gazes at me, in hopes, that I, the one who's sat next to him all semester, the supposed "math genius" will give him any ideas how to fix the mess he's stuck into. I shake my head, smirk, and just laugh. Why would I help him?
His girlfriend's beautiful - she really is...and she's sixteen as of now. Did I tell you he's eighteen, ready to get into college, and live his life? Why the hell does he need this girl (and this girl comes with the "complete package" if you know what I mean)? It's just frustrating the fact that he's almost using this girl yet at the same time it's tantalizing that this girl is  blinded bythe supposed sun rays beaming off this kid.
Yes, I know age is but a number, and people can have this real attraction...but for some reason, this all seems phony (courtesy of Holden Caulfield) and kinda pathetic.
And for those who might be wondering, no. I'm not jealous. Actually I don't know, but what I do know is that I'm just kinda disgusted at the path most guys end up taking in high school.

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