Thursday, January 13, 2011

If I had you in my hands,

Oh, all the good ones try,
To catch you in their hands,
Yet when they do, they fail
And I concur for I have tried;
For days, for months, for years.
To catch you; to stop you,
To unscrew your back,
And unwind your handles.
Yet my mere attempts are like blatant cries for help,
For you see what I'm doing,
And yet you never succumb.
So, what to do?
You frustrate me; you antagonize me.
You tantalize me and you exhaust me.
Yet, sometimes you're the one I'm thankful for,
The thing I need during those incessant nights; when I'm deep at sleep; eyes closed, unconscionably unaware.
You keep moving; and you are the one that makes me forget: forget the adversity, the blood, the dagger.
Oh! But your negatives outweigh your positives. Always. Forever and always.


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