Monday, July 18, 2011

My Summer TV Shows

During the school year, I hardly have time to watch TV. It's all about schoolwork and I can never keep up with episodes. And so one of the things I love to do in the watch TV. Here, I've compiled a couple of my favorite TV shows for the summer. Have you guys seen any of them? Have any to recommend?

The Bachelorette

This show is most definitely a guilty pleasure! Although the competition is a bit ludicrous (I mean...really? Finding "real love" on television) and the past relationships haven't flourished, it's still a fun show to watch! This year Ashley and the guys traveled around Southeast Asia...and so the setting was so beautiful. Plus, the drama, the men, and the game show setting keeps me watching. It's down to the final four...and although, I like all the guys, my favorite would definitely have to be Ames. I can't wait to see who goes home tonight!

Switched At Birth

This show has such a unique plot that I'm hooked! I love the fact that these girls were switched at birth. I've read stories about this...but watching it in concrete form, is so much better. I love the characters and I feel like I can relate to many of them. It's nice how the producers include so many arguments into the story: the gambling addiction, the low income families, the deaf culture. It's intriguing...and this show has got me wanting to learn sign language even more than usual!

Pretty Little Liars

I've been watching this show for a while now. The first season finished in December and the second season began just a month ago. I've never read the books, but there's something about the TV series that keeps me watching every Tuesday. The mystery (who is A???) is so addicting...I couldn't fathom not knowing who it is. However, the plots are becoming a tiny bit ridiculous and very long...but it's those moments where - like a horror film - I find myself shouting at the TV screen, warning the girls that I know it's worth watching it.


  1. I watch Pretty Little Liars too!!
    And yes! I agree, the plots are ridiculous and long.But I still watch it every week.

  2. need to catch up on some shows I've missed
    great post

    your newest follower Michelle