Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wall of Shame: Greg Mortenson

Mr. Mortenson, you may be a gifted writer, but are your words truly genuine? 

Ever read his "Three Cups of Tea"? Fascinating really...inspiring too. It's an autobiography, narratively and well written about his journey and realization of the poverty of Afghanistan and my country, Pakistan. Read the book and it'll give you an insight on the horrors of the people there: not only because of constant danger or terrorist attacks, but also because they have a solemn understanding that given their condition & given their corrupt government, they're going to stay uneducated their whole life; be the same nobody that's been passed down by generations and generations.
Well...anyway. Mr. Mortenson writes this great book and well...big hit. Published instantly and then becomes the worldwide catalyst for some action over in these countries. Mortenson - oh how generous - even creates a charity, promising to build schools for the children. 
Now almost five years later, CNN investigators report that Greg Mortenson has been a scam. More than half of the $60 million he's received from the charity has been kept for his own gains...and the schools he's "supposedly" built are either nonexistent or built by other people. Why?
This news is devastating and upsetting, and quite frankly, I'm ashamed that some man has the guts to make a joke of a matter so important in the hearts of others. Although I am privileged to live in America, Pakistan is my home; every time I go, for me, I see the galore of the food - especially, the hot, fresh biryani, the intricate, hand made assortment of shalwaar kameez, the innate beauty of natural terrain, and a group of people who've worked hard to become who they are. At the same time, I always notice the poverty, the sickness, the little kids who, instead of going to school, are forced to chop of their hands and wander on dangerous streets, tapping on car windows, offering to wash the cars in hopes of eating dinner that night. I see all of this...and Mr. Mortenson, you see nothing. You set the example of the capitalist, cold hearted "leaders" the world points at America for having. I am so, so disappointed; ever since I've been 13, I've been wanting to create a school in my country to provide kids resources and help them receive the same benefits I did as the same Pakistani.

I'm willing to make a change; Mr. Mortenson, your insincerity is just pushing me to try twice as hard.


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