Sunday, March 27, 2011

my week of inspiration in a blog post...

My fingers have been squirming to write or type something. So, this post is about the plethora of inspiration I received this week. From school assemblies to a little bit of self reassurance, this week was just sigh of relief. I'll tell you why...

Monday: Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt

Ever read it? me, it's just so breathtaking. It's an autobiography of Francis McCourt who grows up in Italy during the economic depression and world war. His dad, Malachy, has a tough case of Irish Disease and drinks to great extremes, using all the money he earns (when he actually earns it) to buy pints and pints of alcohol. The lack of money in the household leaves Francis in a constant state of squalor (he lives in a one roomed apartment, inundated with fleas, deprived of even a single piece of bread)...and he's forced to go to extremes like licking the grease off newspapers to get some food for the night. Frank watches his mother, Angela, survive through the poverty, the death of countless children, and the reck of a husband.  

It's really a great story and the way it's written, it's really poignant and relatable. Why is it inspirational? Well...every night before I go to bed, I read chapters of this book to better realize and better thank God for every opportunity and prosperity he's granted us. 

Tuesday: Do poets make a lot of money?
In English class, we reread Robert Frost's renowned poem, The Road Not Taken. This time when we analyzed it, I got a whole different meaning out of the poem - the meaning that Frost had intended the reader to recover: basically, in countless moments of life, you're going to be faced with a tough decision; the choice end up choosing might lead to prosperity...or it might lead to adversity; but throughout it all, it's vital to remember that what happens, happens. There's no looking back.

Wednesday: Found on my locker :)
A note saying: SMILE.

Thursday: Invisible Children
I ashamed to tell you guys that I never heard of the Invisible Children before Thursday...and when the video played at the school and a guest speaker - an invisible child himself - entered the room, tears gently rolled down my check, the frustration in my chest increasing.
In Northern Uganda, there has been a long lasting, never ending war going on between the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) led by Joseph Kony and the Government of Uganda. To fight the war, Kony has been abducting millions of children for his army, handing them weapons, forcing them to kill. In response to the attacks in the village, the Ugandan government forcibly evicted thousands of people into overcrowded camps, leading to malnutrition, disease, and near-death situations. To this day, millions of people are trapped in these camps.
Invisible Children foundation provides education, safety, and relief to the thousands of the millions of kids. 
Noone deserves a life like that...and these child soldiers: they have to end.
You cannot possibly imagine the scorn I have for the people out there: please do help! Check out this link..and watch the video. Undoubtedly inspiring. 

Friday: "I'm no beauty queen. I'm just beautiful me."
The song, "Who Says" by Selena is just amazing. :)

Saturday:Happily Ever After we had to go to this big party. We all dressed up, and well, I just felt so good. I was confident, felt beautiful, and actually had a great time. Goes to show you that a good attitude makes all the difference.

p.s.: Hope you guys had just a good week as I did :)


  1. sounds like a very rockin inspirational week! happy for you.

    Invisible Children is truly a sad story.

    xoxo, Bree

  2. My school has an Invisible Children Club!! I have been involved the past 2 years and I am SO glad to hear it is spreading!!! The whole thing is so heartbreaking! I posted about it back in September or so I think!

    I LOVE Selena's new song....don't think she can really sing, but I adore Who Says!

  3. Amazing inspiration.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway on our blog. I hope you can jump over and check it out.

  4. really inspiring