Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dresses + Alex Pettyfer = Fun Saturday :)

How was your Saturday?

Mary-Kate Olsen's 'Beastly' behavior Early pictures of Alex Pettyfer in
Because...mine was amazing! With a couple of friends, I went to see Beastly and...well it was really good! Although the acting could've been better (I only really liked Mary Kate Olsen...and um. Alex Pettyfer)...and it could have been longer, the movie just felt so relieving. I've always loved the whole Beauty and the Beast tale: the fact that out there, there's always going to be someone who loves you for who you are not what you look like. The story always gives me hope and to this day, I still believe that someone out there will love me for who I am.


However, a little more Alex Pettyfer (the bleach blonde, blue eyes, swooning smile - as opposed to the "Beastly") would have been nice :) (guess that means I have to see I Am Number Four)

My plans to go dress shopping at the mall this weekend kinda just while outlining my US history textbook, I routinely searched up cute dresses. I've found a couple of my which one do you like? I just love them all!


  1. I agree the movie was too short! I really didn't like it too much. I LOVE Alex Pettyfer though! I posted about it when I saw it last Friday. The book is SO much better!

  2. my fave is the first dress hands down!:)

    ahhh gotta see Beastly!

    xoxo, Bree

  3. I love all of those dresses! I would most definitely wear all of them. Totally my style. Good finds!