Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My snow day in a blog post

Well...today was the first "snow day" of the week and the fifth in the past 7 days of school. This "snow day" however constituted of a little rain for an hour...and just chills throughout the whole night. I'm not much to complain about snow days (heck, sometimes they're the only wish I ask for), however this just means adding extra days to the end of our school year, truncating our already shortened summer.
So, my snow day today really wasn't much. I woke up at 11 (12 hours of sleep!) and the rest...

Pretty Little Liars

I'm not one to watch a lot of TV, but this show is one of my absolute favorites! The first thing I did, waking up, was catch up on the episode I missed yesterday. I love the suspense...and I especially love all the outfits they wear.


The bad things about snow days is that for some of my AP classes - like US History - I'm supposed to keep up with all the outlines. And let me tell you, the hardest part about outlining is not the reading part or the writing, but trying to keep everything organized and aligned because it's the only study tool we have.  Well...today's outline? America's world role and WWI. Fun, right? 


Well, the past snow days have been giving me so much time to read, which is AMAZING! Due to my strenuous workload plus the inundating volunteer assignments, I've forgotten how good it feels to fall asleep with a book's delicate pages skimming your fingers. I just did a book review a couple of days ago (so check that out!), but this book was so much better! It's a spin off the Salem witch trials...and just breathtaking. 
Anyone have any book recommendations? I'm a very picky reader, but I absolutely adore Jodi Picoult and the way she writes!


I've entered my local library's short story contest, so I've been writing quite a lot lately. I've typed around four pages so far, but after I write, I always find new ways to change the plot, making it  so much harder. I honestly have know idea how people finish writing great books. 

Blog Layout(ing) & Job App(ing)


I decided to revamp my blog, so I had a little date with the template designer. What do you think? I still need to make my blog title more WOW...anyone know how to add pictures in the background of the blog title?
Plus, since college is just 17 months away (woo hoo!), I've decided to start saving up for the ludicrous amount of tuition they ask...I've applied to a couple of tutoring places, so let's see how that works out!

All in all, my snow day was pretty relaxing. However, they're calling for an inch and a half of ice tomorrow, which could possibly mean no school tomorrow...and school on President's Day instead. That would not be good.
Hope everyone had a great day!



  1. Sounds like you had a productive and fun snow day :) And I like the new look you've got going :) As far as adding the pictures behind your blog title. If you go into the design tab and then select the "edit" beneath the box that says HEADER, then it should give you the opportunity to upload a photo. The trick is, if you want more than one photo, you have to put them together and upload them as one, which you can do in Paint. Hope that helped, if not, email me and I'll try to explain more :)

  2. Where are you applying to collage at? Good luck! I remember taking AP classes and making outlines. AP Bio was definitely the hardest class I have ever taken...even after 6+ years of higher education. xoxo

  3. nice, very nice
    and thank you for comment (:

    Yes, I fallow you

    and you me?
    Elisabeth :*

  4. I am in love with Pretty Little Liars, they have great style and the plot is so addictive. Good luck applying for your colleges! :)